Day: June 11, 2016


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Polygamy – This book goes deeper into the characteristics of polygamy than this essay. I will try and outline the basic characteristics and problems in polygamous cults. Before I go into these problems I would like to bring up some good points that have resulted from polygamy.

In the Old Testament some of the greatest prophets were polygamists. Abraham, who is considered the father of many nations , was told by God that his posterity would be like the sands of the sea shore. There were other prophets that had many or several wives such as Solomon, David and Jacob who later changed his name to Israel. God must have condoned these relationships, or these prophets would have been chastised or never called to be prophets. In the Dead Sea Scrolls it is even mentioned that Adam had another wife called Lilith. This of course is not confirmed in the Old Testament. There must have been some reason that God condoned polygamy.  In the Book of Mormon God tells the people they are to have only one wife. If he decides otherwise, he will tell the people and it will be to raise up a righteous seed unto God.  This is a logical explanation to me. In other words it says that monogamy is the preferred state of marriage. If the Lord wants to raise up a righteous seed he will command the people allowing for polygamy. I am sure there are other explanations that make sense, but for now this will do. If you the readers have other logical explanations I would like to hear from you.


Today, polygamists have many children and this would be in line with God’s commandment, to multiply and replenish the earth. In a day where the average couple in the US and Europe have 1.5 children, the polygamists are dedicated to having many children. Even the Muslims are having many children which is brought about because of polygamy. It is said that within 15 to 40 years the Muslims will outnumber the Christians in the European countries. It is also said that a Muslim flag will fly over the House of Parliament in Great Britain.   Researchers say in order for a culture to maintain or preserve itself for more than 25 years it must have a fertility rate of 2.1 per family or the culture will decline or die. The average fertility rate in Europe is 1.4 and in the USA it is 1.6. When you add the influx of Mexicans or Latinos the rate is 2.1.  In Europe the population is not declining because of the high emigration rate among the Muslims. With the recent explosion of refugees going into Europe the Muslim population is growing even more. To prevent the decline of christian births in Europe, families would need to have more children. In Russia the Government is pushing for families to have 3 children. Married  couples must have more children in order to fund the many social and welfare programs which are running huge deficits.

Now lets return to the characteristics and problems created by polygamy. In past times during the agrarian culture, children were extra farm hands and helpers around the home. Not today, as children are a liability. It costs over $100,000 to raise a child today. Multiply this by 4 or 5 kids and you are talking real money. A polygamist with several wives and 15-20 children would need to be wealthy in order to provide for a polygamist family. Many polygamists today marry the first wife legally and then there is no legal marriage to the additional wives. This allows the additional wives with children to go on the welfare system to be supported by the tax payer.

With regards to the children born into polygamy there is much child abuse. In a polygamous colony there are only so many woman, so the men look to the children for wives. Teen age girls are married to older men without their consent, sometimes even to there step fathers. They are raped and abused and prevented from having a normal life as a teenager. The young boys many times are expelled from the colony for minor religious infractions  This is to rid the colony of competition for the girls. The boys with little formal schooling are forced to fend for themselves in an unfamiliar and unfriendly world. Many are exposed to drugs and prostitution in order to provide for themselves. This is a familiar scene, especially in the polygamous group in Colorado City on the border of Utah and Arizona. The above book,’Power of Polygamy,‘ will give you additional information on the different polygamous groups and there customs. To review or buy the book, click on the title in orange.