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Escaping Polygamy
Prophet of FLDS

Escaping Polygamy – There have been several rules added since Warren Jeffs was sent to prison for rape and sexual abuse of children.  Warren is still ruling the cult from prison and has added some distinctive rules that affects the lives of his followers.

These are just a few of the rules that might be the cause of polygamy women escaping polygamy.  Some of the rules are as follows, with the first one being the most controversial.  

1- Fathers in the group are no longer allowed to father children.  They are forbidden to have sex with their wives, and even holding hands can be considered adultery.  This no contact rule is so strict that any form of contact, from sex to a hug could be considered adultery under church rules. They simply are not allowed to touch each other.  Instead there are men set apart as seed bearers who impregnate the wives. These men are church members with “worthy blood lines.”  It is the husband’s responsibility to hold the hands of his wife or wives while the seed bearer spreads his seed.

The seed bearer will rape the wife and impregnate her while the husband is forced to watch.  It is ritualistic procreation performed on a bed-slash-alter. The sex act is considered a priesthood ordinance and 15 men have been chosen to be seed bearers.  This doctrine will stay in place until Warren is released from prison.  Many consider this as a test of their worthiness.  I know a family that bought a soft water dispenser from a polygamous man in Colorado City.  The son of this man goes to the houses where purchases were made, to do the yearly maintenance.  The young man says he has never had sex with his wife because of this doctrine.  This of course would be a reason to escape polygamy.

One man reported an experience saying it began when he received word from a church leader that the time was right for motherhood, Then a spiritually superior stud along with two others each wearing a black hood came to the home. The stud announced he was there to have sex with the mans wife and attempt to have a child.  The other two were there to act as witnesses and write every thing down.  The husband was invited to participate, but only as a spectator.  The wife pulled the hood off the stud and refused to have sex with him. Not long afterwards the wife gathered up her children and left the home for good.

Charlene Jeffs  the estranged wife of Lyle Jeffs, filed for child custody earlier this year.  Lyle Jeffs is the leader of the church and runs daily sect business while Warren Jeffs dictates command from his prison cell.  Lyle is Warrens brother and is also the Bishop.

2- FLDS followers are supposed to stop every hour during the day, no matter what they are doing, to pray for Warren Jeffs to break out of prison.  Since Jeffs is still in prison they are considered unworthy and not faithful enough.  There is much fasting and prayer for Warren Jeffs.  Some fast for 2 or 3 days along with many prayers.

3- Without giving his followers a choice, Jeffs has reassigned wives and children to men other than their husbands and fathers. He has expelled men from the colony for miner infractions and taken their families from them.  He has sent boys ages 10 and up to other states on work crews without pay. He has held women and girls in houses of hiding around the country.  He controls peoples property and assets.

If you are in polygamy and thinking about escaping polygamy, there are groups that will help you.  One of these groups is “Help the Child Brides,” phone 602-373-0793.  “Holding out Help,” 801-548-3492 is another organization that helps women escaping from polygamy.