Day: July 26, 2016


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Legalize polygamy

With the Supreme Court’s legalizing same sex marriage in all 50 states, liberals have achieved one of their central goals. Impossible two or three decades ago, this right has now been applied to this class of citizens.  The Supreme Court decision forces the government to recognize same sex love, fidelity, devotion and family.  

Where does the next advance come from?  Why should marriage be limited to two persons?  I am talking about legalized polygamy.  Why do those who favor gay marriage oppose legalized polygamy.  

Polygamy is taboo like same sex marriage was decades ago.  Polygamy is laughed at with outdated jokes about Utah and Mormons.  Mormons abolished polygamy over 120 years ago. The moral reasoning behind society’s rejection of polygamy or to legalize polygamy remains difficult like same sex marriage was until recently.  People are living in group relationships as polygamy.  The question is not whether they will continue living in this manner.  The question is, will society grant them the same rights given to other adults?  

There is support for and against polygamy. If people choose to live in polygamy of their own choosing, it seems it should be recognized as a legal right.  It’s no different that the rights of same sex marriages.  There should never be girls forced into polygamy.  Boys should not be evicted from a polygamists colonies to stop competition.  If polygamists could openly practice, there would be less child abuse in those communities.  The men would also be responsible for supporting their legal wives without abusing welfare programs.  

The decision of the Supreme Court legalizing same sex marriages provides a basis that polygamy will have to be legalized in the future.  If you have any feelings on the subject I would like to hear from you.

Ray Western