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Is evolution based on observed Science or assumption based Theoretical Science?EVOLUTION CREATIONISM

The subject of evolution or creationism has always interested me.  I have spent hours reading and studying, in the interest of knowing how this all came about and how God fits in.  My intent in writing this thesis is to consider the evidence for creation and show the effects of the teachings of evolution as taught by Darwin, which is being taught in our schools.  The theory of evolution teaches that man is the product of the development of simple life forms into more complex ones by random chance, very much like a machine building on itself.  The theory of evolution does away with the need for a Creator and provides support for atheists.  

Our country was founded on Christian principals.  Our forefathers believed in God and emigrated to this country for religious freedom.  Our coins are  inscribed, ‘In God we trust.’  Our Constitution was framed to give us religious freedom, not freedom from religion.  One nation under God…. comes from the Pledge of Allegiance.

Public schools and Universities are no longer allowed to teach creation by intelligent design, which premise allows for a Creator.   Instead, schools teach the theory of evolution by random chance and natural selection, which they claim is fact not theory.  Evolution is based on the belief that over billions of years, a living cell or amoeba came into existence and then eventually evolved into many forms of life, such as fish, birds, insects, animals and man.  Life started in the oceans and eventually some forms crawled out of the ocean and developed lungs and appendages such as arms, legs and even wings.  Evolutionists claim this all happened by chance and without the involvement of a Creator.

Scientists say the creation of the Earth and the Universe is the result of the ‘Big Bang Theory.’  This theory proposes that prior to the Big Bang there was nothing, not space, time, matter or energy.  At the point of this event [the Big Bang] all of the matter and energy of space was contained in one small point.  This point was called a singularity.  Since there was no space, energy,  matter or time you might ask where did it come from and why did it appear.  No one knows.  The singularity did not appear in space, rather space began inside the singularity.  Rather than imagining a balloon popping and releasing its contents, imagine a balloon expanding to the size of our current universe.   Isn’t it interesting to note the Sun and Earth ended up in just the right positions to support life?  This planet is the only one of many we have explored by telescope, which supplies oxygen and water essential to life.  Although scientists say there is evidence which lends support to the Big Bang Theory, it is far more credible when you add intelligent design to the equation.  The idea that nothing existed in space prior to the big bang and that all energy and matter existed in a small point called a singularity and from that the universe was created is difficult to surmise.  This is like saying the universe was created out of nothing.   This theory really would be a miracle and would require more faith than belief in a Creator.  Evolutionists believe that evolution is proven by science.  

Some believe the Big Bang Theory says a huge mass exploded and out of this explosion the stars and planets came into existence.  This seems more credible, but it is not the Big Bang Theory as promoted by scientists.

There is another theory on the creation of the Universe called the Steady State theory where the creation of matter is an act of nature.  There is a continual, spontaneous self creation of new matter.  This theory is not as well accepted by scientists as the Big Bang Theory.  Matter has always existed and as the galaxies recede from each other, the spaces between gradually accumulate matter through continuous creation.  It takes several eons for the distance between two galaxies to double, and by that time enough matter has been accumulated between them, to condense into a new galaxy.  There is enough matter between our planet and the closest star to create many millions of earths such as this, yet it is so diffused, and pure, we look through it.

Under this theory the universe would never be born, for there is no beginning .  It would never die, for “continuous creation” would allow it to be continually growing. 

I will go more into evolution and what I consider to be the biggest problems with this theory later in this essay.  I will also go into the question, ‘Where is God and what evidence do we have there is a God’?  Before doing this I want to show the effects of teaching evolution by random chance and natural selection.

In today’s world, schools not only teach evolution, they also teach children about sex which use to be the prerogative of the parents.  The media; TV, internet and motion pictures show sexual scenes and display sex as something people do to satisfy their sexual urges and that it is normal outside of marriage.  People meet, have sex, live together without marriage and break up when they find things are not going well or find someone else that turns them on.  In the event of pregnancy some marry or live as single parents.  Those who do not want a child turn to abortion, killing the innocent unborn to resolve their problem.  They feel it is a woman’s body and she has the right to terminate the life of her unborn child.  Whatever happened to the commandments, “thou shalt not commit adultery, and thou shalt not commit murder”?   People have forgotten that procreation is a sacred joint venture with God, the means of  bringing his spirit children into the world.  In effect the mojo of the present generation is, if it feels good do it.  Immorality has gone by the way side.  This is a result of  teaching evolution without a Creator or God.  In other words when there is no God you will not be judged or held accountable for your actions.  Get what you can now, live it up for tomorrow you die and your existence ceases.  This attitude is probably the greatest incentive for being an atheist and believing evolution to be a fact.    

Also with the advent of the internet, pornography is easily available to children and adults.  Divorce has become rampant and easy to obtain and leaves children in a home with only one parent and feelings of devastation due to the breakup of the family.  We also have some christian churches saying  homosexuality and marriage between two people of the same sex is okay and just a different lifestyle.  

We have gone from a world of I love Lucy and leave it to Beaver, to the proclamation, ‘God is dead.’  The social revolution of the 60’s enslaved people rather than create more freedom.  People became addicted to drugs, sex, and pornography.  Prayer has been removed from the schools and displays of the ten commandments and Christmas scenes depicting Christ have been removed from buildings and public places.  Suits have been filed to remove “under God” from the Pledge of Allegiance and the motto on coins “In God we trust”.  Teachers have been forbidden to carry a Bible in view of students, and Christian literature has been removed from school library shelves.  The Supreme Court in a ruling on a suit filed by Madalyn O’Hair voted 8 to 1 to ban prayer and Bible reading from school programs.   

Battle after battle has slowly stripped Christians in America of their rights.  We have rejected the foundation of our culture which has traditionally held us together-namely God and the Holy Scriptures.  As our culture drifts away from the center, we no longer hear His voice.  Is it any wonder our nation and culture are being threatened with gradual deterioration and destruction from within.

It has been said we humans have a natural God-shaped hole in our hearts, a place which can only truly be filled  by having a relationship with our Creator.  This need is felt in our souls.  Those who try to fill this void with everything imaginable -drugs, sex, pornography, alcohol, all types of perversion and pagan religions are only deceiving themselves.

There is strong evidence which supports the views of creationists and refutes evolution.  Evolution is in direct violation of the second law of thermodynamics or the law of energy decay.  Entropy and the second law of thermodynamics states matter and energy left alone without outside interference in a closed system, will deteriorate and never organize itself.  Entropy says that materials or substance will reduce to their simplest most disorganized state, and energy to its lowest possible level.  Entropy is the absence of order.  The rule that entities never organize themselves is upheld in our every day experience.  Entropy causes clocks to run down and machines to wear out.  Without maintenance, a house deteriorates and weeds take over a garden.  So, if we were to diminish entropy it would mean the gardener [intelligence], returns to the garden and rips out the disorder and randomness and restores order.   

The purpose and function of intelligence is to diminish entropy,  that is to create more order.  Intelligence has the ability to choose.  A zero intelligence would have no choices while an infinite intelligence would have no boundaries.  Thus the One Intelligence who is more intelligent than all others, has deemed to teach the lesser intelligences how to become more intelligent. 

Evolution violates the Law of Bio-genesis, ‘that life only comes from preexisting life and will only perpetuate its own kind.’  Belief in evolution is essentially a belief in “spontaneous generation” where in one scenario life appeared where lightning struck a primordial soup and somehow a living cell formed. 

In his book Darwin’s Black Box, Professor Michael Behe, a noted Biochemist,  points out some of the problems with evolution.  He argues that the chemistry in many complex living organisms cannot have evolved over time.  The detailed chemistry of the eye and of blood clotting in the body, require complex systems which if any part failed, the entire system would fail.  In other words the creation of the eye would require that many parts of the eye be created at the same time and that many mutations would have to take place. Knowing that human beings are much more complicated than material things, what are the odds of evolution creating a human being with intelligence, eyes, ears, a heart, a brain, arms, legs, female and male, and the ability to create life.  For evolution to create an eye it would require thousands of mutations.  There would have to be a socket to hold the eye, and light cells would have to evolve to create vision.  Also where would these light sensitive cells come from?  Why are the eyes on the face and not on the bottom of the feet?  Where are the fossil remains of all the mistakes?  Actually there is nothing in the fossil record to support evolution from one species to another.  If the theory of evolution were accurate we would expect to find vast numbers of transitional forms preserved in the fossil records.  Far from showing gradual change within one species slowly giving way to another, as Darwin  hypothesized, the fossil record shows a vast number of new species suddenly appearing out of nowhere, remaining largely unchanged for millions of years, and then disappearing [almost like there was a flood or something].  Dinosaurs appeared, lived for 150 million years, and then disappeared, only to be replaced by mammals.  Neither the creation nor the extinction of dinosaurs was accomplished by a gradual process of any sort.

The odds against the chance formation of life on earth are so small that it can be compared to the chance that a tornado sweeping through a junk yard would assemble a Boeing 747 from the materials therein.

Even if evolution were true, it would not disprove God. God has performed more spectacular feats than evolution. It would mean there was intelligent design, guidance from an outside force or Creator, and not random mutation, followed by natural selection. Although believers in God do not need evolution to be true, atheists do need evolution to be true. Someone once said Darwin made it possible to be an intellectually fulfilled atheist. This is why there is mass panic on the part of atheists whenever someone mentions the vast and accumulating evidence against evolution. When you ask a scientist if their belief in evolution is based on observed science or assumption based theoretical science their response is like a deer in the headlights. 

Atheists subscribe to Darwinism because it lets them off the hook morally. Do whatever you feel like doing- screw your secretary, abort your unborn child, use drugs and steal from your employer because there is no God and there is no judgment.

What evidence do we have that there is a God? One fact is the earth, sun and stars exist and this earth revolves around the sun at just the right distance to support life. Also this earth has oxygen, water and plant life while many other worlds do not. We exist, we have intelligence, and we are not animals, all of these things point to intelligent design.

The scriptures contain the words of God given to prophets for our guidance and to give us a moral code to live by. Some prophets have seen God and have borne testimony to this fact. Prophets in the Bible and in the Book of Mormon foresaw the birth of Christ. Christ is Jehovah of the Old Testament and according to John the apostle, the Word who created all things.

After his crucifixion Jesus appeared to Mary and the Apostles as a resurrected glorified being. He also appeared to his followers on the American continent after his resurrection and showed them the wounds in his hands and feet. [Book of Mormon, 3rd Nephi 11]

Even in our day, the Father and Son appeared to the boy prophet, Joseph Smith. The Book of Mormon is proof of this event. There are three witnesses who saw the plates and the Angel Moroni. Three eye witnesses would convict anyone in court. These are modern day witnesses to the fact there is a God.  Evolutionists say God must be dead as He has not spoken to us for two thousand years.  The Book of Mormon is evidence that God is not dead and has spoken to us in our day.

Also in our day many have had near death experiences where their spirits left their bodies and they saw parts of the Spirit World and departed relatives. Many of these people also claimed they saw Christ or a Christ like figure, who reviewed their lives with them.

Now if there is a God where is He? Why does he allow bad things to happen to children and good people. The scriptures tell us God has given us free agency to make our own choices. This means men can make evil choices which can injure or take the life of another. For God to intervene it would take away from our free agency and we would fail to learn from the experiences of a physical life. Eventually God will make things right for those who have suffered or lost their lives prematurely. Mormon theology says we are spiritual beings having a physical experience and that we existed as spirit beings prior to being born into this life. Modern day scripture in the Book of Abraham tells us that we are literal spiritual children of God the Father and we were sent to earth to gain experience and to see if we would do whatever God commands of us. We were also sent here to gain a physical body which will raise with us in the resurrection.

Christ himself, came into the world and suffered and gave his life for us, to take upon him the sins of all who would believe in him and follow him. Following him, will give one the assurance there is a God and He is in control of this world. Would a garden come into existance and grow without a gardener? God is the Gardener.

I hope that bringing God into the equation and adding Mormon scriptures to the already given evidences contained in the Bible is not offensive. Two or more witnesses is better than one or none. I have also added scriptures and teachings from the Book of Mormon and from Abraham in the Pearl of Great Price, to show that there is a purpose in life and why we are here. Again I hope I have not offended anyone. I have written this paper for my children and grand children and their children, so they will know why I believe in God and how I feel about the creation and evolution.

Ray Western


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by Ray Western