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Pedophilia in society

A pedophile is a person who has a sustained sexual orientation toward children, generally 13 or under.  Think back to the time of your first childhood crush.  Most likely it was a classmate or a friend, someone in your approximate age group.  But what if this did not happen and you continued to focus on children as you grew older?  Some estimates say that 1 % of the male population continues, long after puberty, to find themselves attracted to children.  These people are considered to have a mental illness called pedophilia as classified by some who deal with mental illnesses.  Unfortunately our laws are failing these people and consequently ignoring opportunities to prevent child abuse and to help these people.  Our laws ignore pedophilia until after the act of a sexual offense, emphasizing punishment not prevention.  

Part of this failure comes from the misconception that pedophilia is the same as child molestation.  One can live with pedophilia and not act on it.  Another misconception is that pedophilia is a choice, whereas recent research suggests the disorder may have neurological origins.  So the prevailing thought is that a pedophile should be held responsible for his actions not for the underlying attraction.  Some say that acknowledging that pedophiles have a mental disorder, and removing the obstacles to come forward and seeking help, is not only the right thing to do, but it would also advance efforts to protect children from harm.  One could therefore see where pedophilia could be legalized.   This does not mean that I am for legalizing pedophilia.

 Incest is defined as “sexual intercourse” between persons so closely related that they are forbidden to marry or in other terms people that are closely related.  In the US, incest is a sex crime that is usually punishable by law.  All incestuous relationships involving minors are illegal.  The survivors are protected by child abuse laws.  

Should incest be illegal, and if so why?  Is it just because it is immoral?  Because legalizing incest would, by making a future sexual relationship more speakable and legitimate, potentially affect the family relationship.  Also isn’t there a larger risk of birth defects as evidenced in some polygamous groups such as the Kingston clan in Utah?  In some polygamous groups such as the FLDS group in Utah and Arizona men pray on their young 12 -14 year old step daughters for polygamous wives because of the lack of available women.   In speaking about incest, those wanting legality are talking about consensual incest, between consenting adults.

A case in question involves an 18 year old girl who ran into her father who she had not seen since the age of 5 and a romantic relationship ensued.  They are moving to New Jersey where incest is not illegal.   

You can see where polygamous marriages, pedophilia and incest could be brought on because of the loosening of marriage laws due to gay marriage.  I am not for legalizing incest, but I can see how others might be.  If you have any thoughts or ideas that would add or detract from the above, please respond. This will also be discussed on my legalizing polygamy post related to changes in rulings of  law.  

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