Day: January 30, 2017


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Bush fabricated lie of WMDs


The Project for the new American century, had drafted a blueprint for regime change in Iraq as early as Sept, 2000. The fundamental goal was to secure access to Iraq’s oil reserves and remove Saddam. Read the following report from

[]  click here to read the report. Colin Powell and Prime Minister Tony Blair confirmed that the report Powell gave to the UN and Congress was based on fabricated lies of WMDs and Iraqs involvement with 9/11. See their web sites under their names.

Another report on 7/15/2016 on the Iraq Invasion speaks of the Anniversary of the Biggest Terrorist Attack in Modern History regarding the illegal invasion and destruction – ongoing – of Iraq.    []   click here for the read.

The blowback or consequences from the invasion follow.

1- Over 500,000 civilians including woman and children are dead as a result of the invasion. Some reports say it is closer to a million. US Servicemen killed 4,500 and many wounded and maimed. Was it worth the loss of lives? Don’t forget the damages to the infrastructure, buildings and homes in Iraq. 

 2- When Obama pulled our troops out in 2012 after declaring victory, ISIS started and moved into the vacant areas of Iraq and joined with the rebels and Al Qaeda in Syria in fighting the Syrian Government and Assad. We have been supplying arms to ISIS in Syria and helping them in their fight against the Syrian Government and Russia.

3-  We bombed Libya and killed Gaddafi leaving areas of Libya open for ISIS. This was orchestrated by Obama and Hillary. Libya was the most advanced State in the African Muslim world and Gaddafi had done nothing in recent history to warrant the attack. We destroyed much of Libya with our bombs.  

4- We have been bombing areas of Syria allegedly to fight ISIS when in reality we have been supporting ISIS and Al Qaeda. We claim that Assad gassed his own people and that he needs to be removed. Others say that the Turks found the same gas allegedly used by Assad on the rebels, who said that Assad did it. We have demonized Putin for helping Assad and for the civilian deaths in Aleppo as a result of Russia’s attempts to fight ISIS. At the same time we talk about the mote in Russia’s eye for the civilian deaths in Aleppo, we fail to talk about the beam in our own eye as a result of our invasion of Iraq and the many civilian deaths, not to mention the civilian deaths from our bombs in Syria. Our bombs and Russia’s bombs have destroyed much of Syria’s buildings and infrastructure and have caused much damage to Aleppo, Syria’s largest city.

5- Due to our destabilizing the Middle East there are hundreds of thousands of civilian refugees fleeing the war torn areas into surrounding countries and into Europe. Some have even fled to the US, although Trump has put a stop to the refugees from some of the Muslim countries.  

These are some of the consequences or blowback from our invasion of Iraq. In war, the cost in civilian lives is incalculable. Then there is the cost to the environment and human potential. Scientists plan even more horrific weapons, which in modern war kill more civilians than combatants.

For example, one report said the US and UK committed genocide against the Iraqi people when, between 1990 and 2012, they killed 3.3 million people – including 750,000 children – through sanctions and wars. There has to be a better way.