Day: February 21, 2017


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Americans are fixated these days on polygamy, especially the men. What are the problems with polygamy. In polygamous colonies, men who are wealthy and have power tend to have more wives than the younger men. They also tend to be older and sometimes much older. Women and children are considered as property to the males and are considered as farmhands and house keepers, because of this they usually lack education. Women are usually thought of as the primary victims of polygamous marriages, but the practice also causes problems for the young, low status males denied wives by older , wealthy men who have hoarded all of the women. In a polygamous colony the older men oft times will expel the younger men from the colony to reduce the competition for the young girls. When the boys start to become interested in girls many are expelled from the colony with little or no experience in the outside world and they are poorly suited to care for themselves or find meaningful work. They also are not much of a catch for women or girls in the outside world. Because of their lack of schooling and inexperience, many become prostitutes and become involved with drugs. They often steal to support their drug habits and they turn to rape to satisfy their sexual desires. When there is a shortage of women in a community especially when there are fewer marriageable women and girls for a single guy, it is easier for a boy to become involved in criminal activities. This creates problems for  the boys and society.

Monogamous marriages reduce crime. Polygamous societies create large numbers of unmarried men, whose presence is related to increased rates of rape, theft, murder, and substance abuse. The problem with unmarried men appears to come primarily from their lack of investment in family life and children. Young men without futures tend to engage in riskier behaviors because they have less to lose.

It is believed that polygamy is more about power than sex for the men and the sister wives who practice polygamy. Rich old men with lots of wives win twice. They have more wives to give them children and to do household work. They also gain an advantage over other men. This is because in such societies a young man wanting a wife cannot simply woo her as there is too much competition. He probably has little to offer, so he winds up having to work for a more powerful and wealthier man, and hoping someday of being rewarded with one of the man’s many daughters.

The young girls usually end up as sister wives to older women in a polygamous marriage. Because there are never enough women to go around, they wind up being married off at a young age. Some are forced into marriage as young as 12. They are given to the older males in the colony usually without them having any choice in the matter. Those who are children of a divorced woman may end up as young brides to their stepfathers. There is an approximate age difference of 16 years between the males and females in a polygamous marriage. Young girls who marry before age 18 have greater risk of becoming victims of intimate partner violence than those who marry at an older age. Also girls become pregnant at an early age and this increases the risk of dying due to their age. Girls in polygamy usually lack schooling and have not experienced the normal growth patterns of teenage girls. They also do not have much control over their own lives as they are ruled by the first wife or the older wives in the family. Brothers and fathers, realizing how valuable female relations are tend to control them more. As one might suspect , polygamous households foster jealousy and conflict among co-wives. Studies reveal that there is no case where co-wife relations could be described as harmonious. These are just some of the problems with polygamy, in their homes and societies.

In summary, considering the problems with polygamy, it does appear that monogamous marriages work better than polygamous marriages, even with the high divorce rate. Should you have differing opinions I would like to hear from you.