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RELIGION CHILD ABUSEDOES THE EVANGELICAL RIGHT TAKE DISCIPLINING CHILDREN TO A NEW LEVEL?  RELIGION CHILD ABUSE  The bible says spare the rod and spoil the child. Do the evangelicals take this too far? In other words, are they espousing more than just spankings? What do they consider a spanking and when should it be administered?

Some say there is a brutal movement in America legitamizing child abuse in the name of God. This involves books written by Evangelical leaders on child rearing, advocating spanking and even beatings. Do some evangelical religions foster child abuse in the name of religion?

Some of the leaders in question and their books are as follows:

Michael and Debi Pearl authors of ‘To trian up a child.”

James Dobson author of “Dare to Discipline & The Strong Willed Child .”

Bill Gothard is the founder of the Institute in Basic Life Principles in Illinois which promotes  Christian home :education program.

Dobson likes being recognized by the powerful Republican Elite and was President George W Bush’s chief religious adviser. He also appeared as a guest on Larry King making a case for Bush’s invasion of Iraq.  It has been proven there were no WMDs in Iraq and Bush was aware of the fact.

If you would like to read further on the abuses fostered by some far right evangelical leaders, including those mentioned in the above paragraphs Click here.

I am not advocating spankings should never be administered. However, in those rare cases when a parent feels a child needs punishment, a spanking should not leave bruises, cuts or broken bones. I am personally against beatings and spanking of infants. I feel an adult should not be angry when administering punishment and after punishment  a greater amount of love should be shown toward the child.

Religion Child Abuse Emotional Harm

There are other ways a child can be injured in a religion. Some teachings can cause a child to be depressed and suffer emotionally. A former fundamentalist minister explained why he quit the ministry and left his fundamentalist church. While eight years old, he heard his minister say that bad people and those who do not believe in Jesus, will burn in hell for eternity. He was also taught  women were second class citizens and gays would go to hell. From then on, his biggest worry was he might go to hell and burn forever. Even as a minister his biggest worry was he might do something or say something which would cause him to go to hell. Today, when asked if he believed in hell, he says yes, he was there for several years. He further stated the fundamentalist religion has a way of causing even good people to do bad things becuse of some of the teachings, even though people in the religion are basically good. His advice was for parents to examine their religious beliefs and think deeply about what they are doing to their children. If your religion causes you to do bad things and hurts your children, then you should reexamine your religion and your beliefs.

There are other forms of abuse in religion. Some religions teach, anyone who does not speak in tongues will not go to heaven and even discouage their members from associating with family members who are not of their religion. Children do not understand why they cannot see or spend time with their grandparents or other family members.

There are other religions who do not believe in taking medications and seeking medical care. They would let there child die rather than seek medical help in religion child abuse. They believe God will cure them or it was meant to be. 

I believe in Christianity and feel there is great deal of good coming from it’s teachings. Love and service to God and our fellow beings is the primary tennant of Christianity. I do not believe in a literal place called hell where one burns for eternity. I believe hell is a state of mind and the Savior will lift and redeem his people. Religions who do not dwell on repentance, restitution and forgiveness have misinterpreted some of the scriptures in the Bible. They have added hell, fire and damnation to their teachings to scare people into accepting their form of religion.

Love your children and if you feel that a punishment should be administered do not injure them. Do not administer the punishment in anger and after the punishment show forth a greater amount of love.