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This writers interests are broader than Polygamy, child abuse and child sexual molesters, I am against child sexual abuse of any nature and not just with child brides in polygamy. I am also interested in the continual buildup of the military industrial complex, its budget and our continual involvement in wars that do not affect our national security. It bothers me that we spend more on defense than the next 10 countries combined.  Subsequently my blogs lie mostly in these areas.  

I have some interests in the area of child sexual molesters as having seen the effects within a friend’s family and their daughter and having had a similar experience in my own family involving a grand daughter. These experiences, many times involve someone you would never suspect. It coud be a stepfather, a friend of the family and even a minister or a school teacher. It is usualy a gradual involvement where the perpetrator gains the confidence of the child and in some cases even the confidence of the parents and then proceeds to make overtures such as touching, etc.  

I recently read an article that explored several common myths about child sexual molesters and I would like to discuss some of these myths.  

Myth #1:  Normal-appearing, well educated, middle-class people do not molest children.

Recent reports of abuse by priests have shown, child sexual molesters rely on our misassumptions to deliberately and carefully set and gain access to child victims.  According to DR. Ann Saler, PHD, an expert in sex offenders, “a double life is prevalent among all types of sex offenders. The front usually offered to the world is usually a good person, someone the community believes has a good character and would never do such a thing.”  Many seek  prominent positions that place them in close proximaty with children. They can charm, be likeable and radiate sincerity which causes parents to drop their guard. In my friend’s case, a co-worker and leader in the church made friends with the father and family and paid attentions to the 12-13 year old daughter. He eventually kidnapped the daughter and took her to Mexico before being located after three months. In my case, my grand daugher was molested by her fanatically religious step father, who was bent on separating myself and my wife from our daughter and her children because we were of a different religion. A neighbor lady noticed blood on my grand daughters clothing and called the police. He spent 5 years in prison for his actions for being a child sexual molestor.

Myth #2: People are to quick to believe that the accused is innocent even if there is supporting evidence.

It is hard for most people to imagine how any person could do such a heinous act. They assume child sexual molesters must be monsters and that the accused is incapable of such act. Therefore if the accused appears to be normal they will disbelieve the allegation.

Myth #3: Child SEXUAL molesters molest indiscriminately.

Not everyone that comes in contact with a child abuser will be abused. Research with sex offenders confirms that they carefully select and groom their victims. Child sexual molesters most often chose children who had family problems, were alone, lacked confidence. and were indiscriminate in their trust of others, especially when the child was perceived to be pretty, provocatively dressed, young or small. Rather than being a sudden, initially traumatic experience, most sex abuse involves a gradual grooming process in which the molester skillfully manipulates the child  into participating. To ensure the childs continuing compliance, offenders use bribes, threats and force. There is a process of obtaining the childs friendship and obtaining the parents friendship and trust. When you get their trust that is when a child becomes vulnerable. 

There are other myths such as:

4- Children who are abused would immediately tell their parents.  

The fact victims fail to disclose their abuse in a timely fashion is frquently used as evidence that the victim’s story should be doubted. Research shows that children have considerale difficulty in revealing or discussing their abuse.

5- Children who are being abused will show physical evidence of abuse. Not necessarily.

6-If asked about abuse, children tend to exaggerate and are prone to making false accusations.

Research shows that children often minimize and deny, rather than embellish what has happened to them. Even with police and therepists questioning, research finds that children are quite reluctant to discuss embarrasing events. Lab research using suggestive questioning has consistantly shown that negative events, especially events involving  a child’s genitals, are relatively difficult to implant in children’s statements.

If you would like to know more about child abuse and polygamy I would suggest you read or preview the writers award winning pulitzer nomination book on Amazon,





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Polygamy Girls Impact Child brides who are underage and not legal brides or women. Child brides face huge challenges as a result of being married as children. Isolated, often with their freedom curtailed, polygamy girls 

frequently feel disempowered and deprived of their fundamental rights to health, education and safety. Neither are they physically nor emotionally ready to become wives or mothers. Polygamy Girls who become Child brides  are at a greater risk of experiencing dangerous complications in pregnancy and childbirth. They are at risk of contacting AIDS and suffering domestic violence. Polygamy Girls are often forced into marriage at ages 13-15 and sometimes earlier, with no choice of a husband and usually to an older man four times their age. With little access to education and economic opportunities, they and their families are more likely to live in poverty. Communities and nations also feel the impact of polygamous marriages and polygamy girls impact child brides.


The basic structue of polygamy is authoritarian and secretive. The men who practice it believe they have the authority to govern and control their wives and children. Polygamous groups are referred to as cults because they are usually a small or narrow circle of persons united by devotion or allegiance to some program or system of beliefs generally accepted as unothodox. There are certain elements of cults such as (1) doctrinal teachings and practices, which  because of their emotional, physical or sexual nature would be judged as harmful (2) cooertion or force by leaders to ensure complience with rules of the society (3) secrecy to preserve isolation and prevent influence from the outside.


All contol belongs to a central figure usually referred to as ‘the prophet’. The cental figure in the marriage is the husband. The child is responible to his/her father and he in turn is responsible to the prophet. The prophet, through the father, controls when and to whom the polygamy girls will marry, the places where the child will work and for how long. Also, how much education the children receive and for what purpose. The children’s status is also determined by the prophet as well as the town and house they will live in. In a polygamous cult, the prophet can take a child’s father or mother away and reassign him or her to new parents if he chooses. He can also determine the rules of the society in which his followers live, and change them at will without any explanation.

For example, in the FLDS cult headquartered in Colorado City on the Utah Arizona border, at the present time men are not allowed to have sex with their wives. This is due to the fact that their leader Warren Jeffs is in prison due to marrying underage polygamy girls to himself and others. Becuse he is unable to have sex with any of his wives he has ordered others in his group cannot have sex with their spouses. He has set apart a group of men to have sex with the wives in the group when they are ovulating to ensure pregnancy. The men wear hoods so they cannot be recognized and the husband must watch the whole procedure.  These men are known as seed bearers.

Also in order to make sure the men in the community have access to finding additional wives, young boys in the community are expelled from the community. This way there is little competition for men to marry young polygamy girls. The men look to the young polygamy girls because most of the older polygamy girls are already married due to polygamous practices.  Polygamous men have to look to the young girls or find a wife in the outside world and convert her. Meanwhile, the boys with no experience in the outside world and little experience or education are dropped off in the desert to fend for themselves. They often turn to prostitution or drug dealing in order to support themselves.

Independant thinking and outside information are shunned. The followers should not think independantly or be exposed to outside information as that might lead them away from the true path as outlined by the prophet. The fathers in the group are to be respected but the mothers are only to be obeyed if they are in perfect harmony with the father and the prophet. A child should never seek information other than what is offered by the leader, and this is to be accepted implicitly. In fact children are not given information pertaining to the outside world. No free expression is allowed if it is different than what the leaders teach.  Also relationships with others outside the cult are prohibited. There are no exceptions to this as children are not allowed to see any family members outside the cult. Most literature is prohibited and all other races and belief systems have no value, and therefore there is no need to learn about them.

If you would like to know more about polygamy girls, the lifestyle, beliefs and origin I would suggest reading the authors best selling and pulitzer nominated book, “THE POWER OF POLYGAMY”. Click here to preview or purchase the Ebook on Amazon by clicking the book cover below. Also there are other blogs dealing with polygamy.