Day: October 31, 2017


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Child Pornography

Is your child watching porn on the internet?  This morning I was disturbed as I found an internet porn site on my computer, which caused me to think about ‘child pornography.’ I do not have any children or grand children living in my home. I did have a granddaughter and her boyfriend here a couple of nights ago and the boyfriend did use my wife’s computer for some personal items. I do not know if he was looking at porn or if we clicked on a site or advertisement that brought in a porn virus. There are so many computer viruses, that one can come in contact with, that one does not know how to avoid them. Pornograhy can be defined as “the depiction of erotic behavior (sexual display in pictures or writing) that is intended to cause sexual excitement” in the viewer.

My first reaction to child pornography was to look at my computer sites for removing porn  and I came across this disturbing remark made by someone telling how easy it was for children to view porn on computers and Ipads. The gentleman was saying he got involved in porn at 12 years of age. Most kids have easy access to a computer and know how to find porn. Reportedly 90% of boys between 11 and 16 have seen porn and boys 12 to 17 are the biggest consumers of porn. Since CHILD PORNOGRAPHY is easily available on line it is easy for children to get their hands on it. Today’s child pornography is not your father’s porn. With a few clicks of the mouse, your son could be visiting web sites with hard core pornography, without the risk of being carded at the corner store to buy a raunchy magazine. Now, he can log on to a smut smorgasbord at any time in the privacy of his own room. There is no longer a need to visit  an adult book store or the local xxx theatre. Also there are porn sites that do not charge for their porn. Adolescent boys of all ages are viewing much more soft-core and graphic hard-core porn because of its easy access and presence on the internet. How many boys are watching porn? One alarming study could not find any boys who were not already porn users in order to make up a control group for comparison. So what is a parent to do? What can we do about child pornography today?

If you discover your son visiting online porn sites or watching x-rated videos should you be worried? You need to be worried about your son’s frequent, intense relationship with pornography primarily because of what it teaches him about sex and women. Porn will teach him that girls and women want and enjoy being sexually used, dominated and being humiliated by men. It will encourage him to try out harmful fantasies that porn offers, including the fantasy that women secretly want to be taken forcibly or that they want to be raped. Porn will teach your son to objectify women, to treat them as toys who exist solely for his sexual gratification. Porn is devoid of tenderness, caring, or loving. Fathers need to tell their sons how porn degrades women, like his sisters and mother, as well as the boys and men who wiew it. Let your son hear from his mother and father how sex is an outgrowth of a loving, committed, respectful relationship, not a forum for male self-gratification and the exploitation of women. It is also the means where children are brought into this world. Some Christian relgions consider this a sacred joint venture with God, to bring his children into the world.

Is pornography really child abuse and is it detrimental to the well being of a child? I believe you can answer that question yourselves. Pornograpy has many negative effects. These include increased rates of depression, anxiety, acting out and violent behavior, younger age of sexual debut, sexual promescuity, increased risk of of teen pregnancy, and a distorted view of relationships between men and women. For adults. pornograpy results in an increased likely hood of divorce which is also harmful to children.

Discussions about sex and sexuality are among  the toughest discusions you will have with your children. But isn’t it better to have the discussions than to leave the teaching to the internet and porn?  Parent teenager talk is a good idea, the alternative  is worse. Putting a computer in a child’s room without any limits is like tossing a teenager the keys to the car and saying: “Go learn how to drive. Have fun.”

Needless to say, pornograhy does damage to all different age groups. It can be addictive and just as damaging as drugs, and just as difficult to overcome. It does appear to be a sickness and in some cases may require medical or religious help to overcome the tendancies. Another remedy might be to ban porn from the internet and to put stiff penalties on those who distribute porn on the internet.