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Polygamy wives
Polygamous man with wives


The first wife usually runs the family and decides who will sleep with the husband and when in regard to polygamy wives relationships. An old man or the leader of the polygamous group decides who will marry who and when. Don’t think that money does not have anything to do with who marries who when it comes to polygamy wives relationships. The prophet or leader of the group gives the best looking and more desireable women to the men that give the most money to the group or leader. If you cannot afford to donate money to the group or leader you may get a second wife who is an overweight woman who is past her child bearing years which can lead to a very lonely life with polygamy wives. Also giving service to the group may entitle one to a more desireable woman.

The largest polygamous group is in Utah and is known as the FLDS Church, run by Warren Jeffs, who is in prison serving a life sentence for marrying underage girls and child polygamy wives. This group or Church was started aroud 1930 by x members of the Mormon Church who had either been excommunicated for practicing polygamy or had left the Church because the Church abandonned the Practice of Polygamy in the early 1900s. There are other break off groups from the Mormon Church as well as other Christian groups that practice polygamy.

Many people believe that sex is the main attraction to polygamy. One sister wife in Mississppi said we do not get much actual sex. She goes on to say we all live in the same house. We have a bunk-bed double on the bottom and single on the top. The Husband, first wife and the “ON” wife sleep on the bottom and the other two “OFF” wives sleep on the top. They find this set up very intimate as they are all sleeping in the same bed and can hear sexual activity when it happens.

She describes relationships between the sister wives as quite good. The first wife is the main force in the household and will settle most of the disputes between the wives without involving the husband. There are jealousies which are inevitable within any group of women living closely together and sharing the same husband. Their husband trys to be fair to each of them, but they all have their ideas as to what is fair.

With regards to sex they each have one week with the husband, but the first wife also has saturdays. They each have one week less saturdays to sleep with the husband and sex usually happens 2 or 3 times a week. So each wife has sex 2 or 3 times a month. They don’t find this totally satisfying but are okay with it. Physical relationships between wives is not permitted in their religion, so there is no touching or kissing in bed or at any other time between sister wives. As for sex,she says they do not get very much actual sex, our husband entering us, but he does work very hard and sometimes quite late so a wife cannot expect him to perform every night. The downside is the sex, not the quality, but the quantity. As the husband takes additional wives the quantity will lessen. She says the wives get no say in how many wives the husband has, but they do get a big say in who joins them as a sister wife.¬†

One reporter who was allowed to enter a polygamous home in Arizona to interview the three wives, reported that the 2nd and 3rd wives were happy in the relationships or so they claimed. The first wife opened up and admitted that things were not as they seemed. This wife had her husband to herself for 17 years and then started to lose her youth and her looks when her husband began to look for a 2nd wife. This wife struck the reporter as kind, but a little withdrawn. She is now 63 and said she and her husband raised their children until suddenly he wanted to take on another wife. His decision to take on another wife when she was beginning to loose her youth and looks was utterly devastating to her. The wife spoke softly saying thay were married for 17 years and when the second wife came around it was really tough for her. She doesn’t agree when others say there is no jealousy. She would walk into the living room and see her husband with his arm around the other wife and feel just sick and her heart would begin to pound. She would say to herself why did I have to walk into the room just now and see that. This is a bitterness that she has lived with for 15 years and having to swallow her emotions when a younger third wife arrived. The reporter found it hard to imagine the pain of this woman when she watched her husband impregnate these younger wives time and time again. The first wife also told the reporter that she has suffered terrible depression for the past 15 years. It was only 3 years ago that she faced a near terminal illness and was nursed back to health by her sister wives and the bitterness began to fade. This was the only wife that was interviewed who was honest enough to admit that jealousy, despair and depression are the inevitable fallout when a husband takes on other wives and shares them all sexually and emotionally.

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