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Child brides in Islam
MUSLIM POLYGAMY Girls married to men



by Ray Western

Muslim Polygamy and problems that have come to the European nations due to immigration. What problems do you ask? With the US and it’s allied invasion of middle east countries, namely Iraq, Syria, Libya and Afghanistan it has created displacement and left many families homeless with no protection from the warring elements. Many families have lost loved ones and providers due to the bombs being dropped and attacks from ISIS. It is curious that the US is fighting Syrian troops and trying to remove Assad as well as fighting the rebels. ISIS is part of the rebels fighting the Syrian troops but is also being supported and used by the US to fight Assad and the Syrians. Russia and Iran were invited in by the Syrian Government to help them in their fight against the rebels. The US used ISIS as a reason to invade Syria after the majority of their fighters left Iraq and entered Syria. Under the direction of Hillary Clinton and President Obama the US and it’s allied nations also invaded Libya and killed President Gadaffi leaving Libya without a leader and open to ISIS to move in and control part of that country. 

With the displacement and upheaval caused by the wars, many decided to leave these countries for neighboring countries that were not involved in the wars. Europe with countries having welfare plans and a better standard of living than the Muslim countries became a target for many refugees and ideal environment for Muslim polygamy to enter without resistance. I don’t question the fact that there were terrorists also among the European migrants. People seeing their friends and family members killed by US and European bombs could easily be persuaded to join the migrants and become terrorists, hoping to extract revenge on those who had invaded their countries. Also, religion played a part in the migration as there were or are Muslims who would like to defeat Christianity or eradicate it. Does this give western countries the right to invade these Muslim countries that are really no threat to the US and its allies? Also, have we gained anything by these invasions other than a huge deficit that could have been used to rebuild our infrastructure? Do we really need a military and defense budget that is bigger than the next 10 countries combined? 

Other problems created by Islamic migrants were as follows:     

1- The Muslims did not assimilate and join in with the customs of their new countries. They banded together and formed their own communities shaped by Sharia law.   Muslim polygamy is part of the culture as they segregate communities away from countries they immigrate to.                                                                                                                                                                             

2- MUSLIM POLYGAMY was brought into the European countries as nearly 30% of the married men had more than one wife. Some had 3 or 4 wives and several or many children. Some of these Muslim polygamy wives were child brides. Girls that were sold into slavery or forced into marriage by their parents as payment for some favor or for money. The Muslim countries do not have a good record when it comes to dealing with women or girls. They are usually regarded as second-class citizens. As far as child abuse the Muslims certainly have more than their share and forced Muslim Polygamy on children is just one of many abuses that exist in the culture.

The sheer volume of Muslim polygamy marriages shows that such marriages are also entered into in Europe, in secret through Islamic marriage ceremonies conducted by Imans. In most European countries Imans are not required to report these marriages to the authorities and the Muslim Polygamy child brides are raped by their husband and some even bleed to death after the rape.  Some of the Muslim Polygamy child brides are as young as 5 and 6.  

Sweden proposed to legalize polygamy which would have validated Muslim Polygamy legal status but this outraged citizens and the proposal was dropped. The head of the Center Youth said that in 10 years polygamy would be legal when her generation would enter parliament and make sure of it. The youth in Denmark have advocated the same regarding polygamy. Polygamy is illegal in most European countries, but this practice has been allowed to flourish unhindered. As Islamic Muslim polygamy marriage does not legally exist in Europe, the woman entering into marriage is left legally stranded and vulnerable with no means of getting out of marriage. If the woman goes to the police she runs the risk of being beaten or possibly divorced. Women’s shelters are full of Muslim women who have been abused, raped, and little girls with permanent scars from Muslim Polygamy.

In the UK it is illegal to marry more than one person, but marriages made in countries that allow polygamy are recognized. There are no exact figures but it is estimated that there are 20 thousand polygamous marriages. Currently, a husband and first wife are paid 114 lbs a week. Subsequent wives are paid 40 lbs a week. That should be incentive for a man to have more than one wife. Under the new universal credit system, which goes into effect in 2021, polygamous marriages will not be recognized. This means that the husband and first wife will be able to claim 498 lbs a month and subsequent wives can claim a single person’s allowance of 317 lbs. That should make polygamous men happy.

In the next blog, I will talk about Sharia law and religion along with the effects of Muslim polygamy and child abuse in the European countries.