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I have written posts about the child abuse crisis and child brides in polygamous colonies. The fact is that too many children are badly abused in the US today and that a child abuse crisis exists and is growing outside of the polygamous colonies that compound the child abuse crisis. In polygamy, young girls from 12 to 18 are forced into marriage with older men as most of the women in a colony have already been chosen. Thus the men look to girls to fill their harems due to the lack of women in the colony and this results in a child abuse crisis. These girls lose the experiences that normal teenagers have, such as dating, schooling and other teenage activities. Plus they are pushed into sexual situations they are not prepared for and suffer early pregnancies that could be life-threatening and which they are not physically or emotionally prepared for. Simply a sexual child abuse crisis. 

Now, back to the child abuse crisis in the world outside of polygamy.  This problem is made more aware of us thru nightly TV broadcasts and professional literature.  The growing evidence of child abuse reveals new, alarming, and distinct patterns of familial relationships that contribute greatly to this problem. Studies show that along with a continual rise in child abuse incidents there has been an increase in the number of children born out of wedlock and abandoned by their fathers as well as an increase in the number of children affected by divorce. Now in addition to poverty, the rising incidence of child abuse can be linked to one more factor, whether a child’s parents are married.

The main underlying cause of the child abuse crisis, the breakdown of marriage and the commitment of love, is spreading like cancer in poor communities to working-class communities.  Social Scientists and community leaders trying to stop the spread of this cancer must focus their attention on the most upsetting byproduct of family disintegration, the child abuse crisis, maiming and even death of infants and young children, about 2000 of whom [6 per day] die each year in the USA.

 A British study confirms that a child is most safe when his biological parents are married and least safe when the mother is cohabiting with a man other than her husband.  The family Court Reporter Survey for England and Wales shows concrete evidence that children are 20 to 33 times safer with their biological parents than in other family configurations or groups.  Society views child abuse as one of the most abhorrent of behaviors. Unfortunately, it often remains hidden until it is too late to help the child’s life or repair the damage.  The child abuse crisis can be broken down into four major areas, physical abuse, sexual abuse, emotional abuse, and neglect.  

The effects of abuse are more readily noticed with signs such as broken bones, bruises, scars, cigarette burns, swollen faces and drastic changes in behavior.  Few see the signs of neglect in the passive child who is rarely talked to at home, who may be locked up and left unfed, unclothed and unwashed for long periods of time and has to fend for himself.  This is at the core of the child abuse crises.

Neglect can have even deeper and longer-lasting consequences than physical abuse. The neglected child is treated as if he or she were not there, or as if the parent or parents wished he were not there. By contrast, the physically abused children are frequently cared for in other ways by their abusers.  They are given food, clothing, playthings and even enjoy good times with others in the family.  

Sexual abuse or molestation may start with grooming. The molester makes friends with the child and tries to gain the confidence of the child. Gifts may be offered such as candy, etc. and secrets may be exchanged. The molester may be a close relative such as a grandfather, uncle or a stepfather or even a friend of the father or mother. A boyfriend of the mother could be a molester. I have had some experience with child molesters.  

 A girl I know had a two-year-old child and married a man who was ultra-religious. The man was fond of the child and very attentive to the child showing his affections. When the girl was 14 a neighbor lady noticed blood on the child’s clothing and called the police. The molesting had been going on for several years.  This had a devastating effect on the girl’s life.

I also had a friend who had a 12-year-old daughter who was a cheerleader, popular and cute.  My friend had another friend who was a fellow church leader with him.  The friend was friendly with the daughter and visited their home frequently.  One day the daughter disappeared and was found in Mexico three months later with the male friend.  This also had a devastating effect on the daughter’s life.  You can read more about these girls experience on this website.  Child molesting     – Child Abuse Crisis

I do not understand why a man would abuse or molest his own child or anyone else’s child.  Why anyone would lower himself to abuse a child is beyond me.  My suggestion is to get to know your child or children so that you can prevent a child abuse crisis at home.  Talk to them and gain their confidence.  Let them know they can confide in you and there will be no punishment.  They can tell you if someone touches them in inappropriate places.  Know the friends and associates and their doings and get to know the adults in their lives.

Should you be interested in polygamy you can learn more by reading the authors award-winning Pulitzer book, ‘THE POWER OF POLYGAMY.’