Day: November 16, 2018


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Is there any real evidence of Elite Pedophile Sex Rings involving Government and Pop Culture? Several investigators have claimed there is a child sex trafficking ring among the Government Elite or Deep State who control our government. They say this also includes some of the top administrative officials in our government.  One writer says, as both the scandal and the crime of the century, pedophiles entrenched in power have been praying on generations of children for a long time. Up until now, the international crime cabal government led by the ruling elite has enjoyed unbroken and unchallenged power and authority in Washington. It is alleged that the Clintons, Bushes, and Obama, are involved in pedophilia. This might be speculation but there is usually no smoke without some fire. The current ruling cabal stretches back to Ronald Reagan, a figurehead idol on a pedestal, covertly securing the real globalist powerbroker into position – his VP, George H W Bush. It has been alleged that the Deep State selected George H W Bush for Vice President to go with Ronald Reagan to protect their interests. You remember that Trump promised to drain the swamp. I presume this did not go well with the Deep State. The elite rulers regularly take turns selecting the Republican or the Democrat who comes to power as they see fit to carry forth their agenda. Illegal secret deals determining who the White House puppet will be are just how the diabolical game is played.

The Elites historically prefer selecting a president with full card-carrying elitist credentials, a member of multiple inner secret clubs.  Clubs like the Council of Foreign Relations, the Trilateral Commision, the Skull and Bones Society becomes the bona fide inductee into the satanic hall of shame – the New World Order’s Illuminati. And the elite’s George H W Bush had every credential covered as a lifetime secret society member. 

The Bush-Clinton-Obama dynasty has faithfully followed the elite’s marching orders, nearly destroying America as a sovereign nation, killing off its once vibrant middle class, crumbling its infrastructure, decimating its manufacturing and tax bases with offshore cheap labor outsourcing.  Establishing a permanent wartime economy, within a few decades this same satanic worshipping dynasty has transformed the US from the world’s largest creditor nation into the world’s largest debtor nation, currently drowning at a 20 trillion deficit plus.

One of the reasons there are so many big shots in both parties that want rid of Trump is because they are worried that in draining or cleaning the swamp they will be investigated. An interesting note is that Russian President Putin is aware of the Elite and their penchant for pedophilia. In his 2016 Christmas speech, he talks about the loss of morals and Christian values in the US and the West. The Press fails to give Putin credit for his knowledge of the Elites penchant for pedophilia among our ruling class. Putin also says Russia is a defender of Christian values. Yes, Putin is a baptized Christian and has helped to restore the Russian Christian Church. At least he is not afraid to stand up for Christian values and the Church, whereas in the West we are reluctant to stand up for Christian values. The reason Washington and the press demonize Putin is that with such a huge [700 billion] military budget it is necessary to have a big enemy, preferably one with nuclear weapons, to justify our wars and military buildup and to sell our war economy to the US public.

It’s quite clear that there is some evidence of pedophilia and sex rings within the US government and pop culture, but whether these networks are all linked remains a mystery. The thing to remember is because there are many who claim to know victims or are victims it warrants further study or investigation. Ultimately, it is up to you the reader to verify this information and find where the truth lies. With the allegations of pedophilia and sex rings among the elite in our government, we definitely need to know the answer to remove them and find protection for our children.

My purpose in writing this article was not to expose this group but to open the eyes of others so they could check out these allegations for themselves. Do we as citizens have any control over the actions pursued by our government? Do we have any choice or do we follow blindly? 

      Blunders made by Washington in the 21st Century

1- Ongoing 17-year war in Afghanistan.

2- We invaded countries that are no threat and have done us no harm. The 9-11 terrorists came from Saudi Arabia. Also, Iraq had no WMD’s and Bush was aware of that. Have we gained anything from these wars besides an additional 6 trillion dollars deficit? We have invaded the following countries.

a- Afghanistan

b- Iraq

c- Libya

d- Syria

e- Yemen

f- Somalia

3- Bush, Cheney, Blair and the CIA fabricated a report showing Sadamn having WMD’S and being involved in 9/11 to warrant an invasion.

4- We have a military and defense budget of 700 billion, which is more than the next 10 countries combined. Russia’s budget is only 69 billion and China’s is 130 billion. Half of this budget should be more than sufficient for our needs. The balance could be used to build the wall. We also have over 800 military bases in over 130 countries.

5- We are sacrificing our infrastructure and the health and welfare of our people to maintain our wars.

6- We are pushing for war with Iran and are threatening Russia and China with military bases and missiles surrounding their countries.

7- The Deep State stops Trump from making friends with Putin. Washington prefers war to negotiation or talking with supposed enemies.

8- We are responsible for over 500 thousand deaths and hundreds of thousands of displaced refugees in the Middle East.

THINK ABOUT THIS – Has Iran, Russia, China or N Korea invaded any countries? Compare this to the number of countries we have invaded. Countries that have done us no harm. There is no proof Russia invaded the Ukraine or Crimea. Crimea voted to be part of Russia rather than under the control of NATO. Crimea had been part of Russia since Catherine the Great until Khrushchev gave Crimea to Ukraine in the 1950s. Also, is there any proof that Assad gassed his own people? What would motivate him to do that when we announced only a few days earlier we were probably going to pull our troops out of Syria? Would he also want to inflame the rest of the world with his actions? Why are all the witnesses, White Hats or Rebels consisting of Isis and AlQueda? What would their motive be other than to keep the US in Syria pursuing Assad, particularly since they are losing? The Rebels had possession of sarin gas which was found on them by Turkish Troops. Why does Washington consider this a slam dunk when most other countries do not? Even the UN  denies seeing any evidence showing Assad as being responsible. Why are we so quick to make a judgment? Prosecuting attornies consider whether there is any motive before finding guilt.