Carole Western, is an award winning author with a PHD from Oxford [Bedford] Universities in the U.K.

Pulitzer Nominee
Dr. Carole Western

Carole Western, author, is an internationally acclaimed author with many awards for her writing ability, among which is the 3 year silver award for outstanding achievements from Stanford University. She is perhaps best known for her books about polygamy. She is also the CEO for Montgomery West Literary Agency and a professor at the local university, teaching creative writing, novels & screenplays.

Carole already has 2 books that have been nominated for awards, aka Inside the World of Warren Jeffs,” and “CHILD BRIDES USA.” Both are books about polygamy and the effect they have.

A message from the author:

Hi there, I am Dr. Carole Western, author, professor, licensed literary agent and CEO of Montgomery West Literary Agency, LLC and this is my bio.

My interest is in helping writers, aspiring writers and those interested in subjects related to writing. I have a doctorate in Philosophy and Creative Writing from Bedford U.K., a division of Oxford University. I intend to write blogs that may be of interest, along with information that may help you with your writing endeavors.  

I have written a paranormal series consisting of 7 books for Cora Verlag of Germany.  I am presently writing a paranormal vampire series with a totally unique new breed of vampires called “The Forgotten Vampires – Fire Goddess”.

I received a Pulitzer nomination for my non-fiction book on polygamy, entitled “Inside the World of Warren Jeffs,” which is out of print. I have recently updated and revised this book under the title of “The Power of Polygamy”. These republished books on polygamy can be found in specialty bookstores and also as E books on  I have 12 published books to my credit and have collaborated on several well-known movies. I have taught Creative Writing at the University level for more than 10 years with a waiting list of students each semester.

I have had the honor of speaking at and being the featured speaker at several State Writing Conventions and have received several National and International Awards. One of them being the Silver Award for Outstanding Achievements and Excellence from Stanford University. I have also been offered positions at several of the top universities here in the U.S. and in the U.K. For further references I have been in Who is Who in America and America West and I can be found on Google Search and several other internet sites.

I live 2 hours north of Las Vegas with my husband Ray and my dog Lizzy. I enjoy writing, teaching classes and exchanging ideas with students. My hobbies are traveling on various cruise ships to different parts of the world and spending time with my children and grandchildren.

Best wishes,

Carole Western



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