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Mormon Polygamy CONTROVERSY

by Ray Western

POLYGAMY WAS CALLED PLURAL MARRIAGE by early day MORMONS in the 19th century. Modern-day fundamentalists (current day practitioners of Mormon polygamy) MORMON POLYGAMY CONTROVERSYcall the practice of polygamy, The Principle. Fundamentalists are outside of the Mormon Church or more correctly named the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.  Today, members of the Church found practicing Mormon polygamy are excommunicated and no longer welcomed into the Church.  The Church says that monogamy is now the standard and accepted practice and doctrine in the Church.  However, men are still allowed to marry or have sealed to them in a Mormon Temple, a new wife providing that the first wife or previous wives have passed on and are deceased.  So the doctrine of Plural marriage has not been totally abandoned.

Polygamy was first suspected as being practiced around 1831 0r 1832 when Joseph Smith the founder and Prophet of the Church took on several polygamous wives.  The Practice was not acknowledged until 1852  several years after the Mormon pioneers arrived in the Salt Lake Valley led by Brigham Young. The Practice was continued until 1890 when Church President Wilfred Woodruff issued a Manifesto officially terminating the Practice. 

The Latter-day Saints practice of Mormon polygamy has been very controversial within the LDS Church itself and America.  America was both fascinated by the practice and horrified at the same time.  For over 60 years the Mormons and the United States were at odds over the issue. The Church defended the practice of Mormon polygamy as a matter of religious freedom, while the federal government aggressively sought to eradicate it, consistent with public opinion about the Mormon polygamy controversy.  The Church gave up the Practice for several reasons.  The Church President claimed to have received a vision or revelation showing what would happen to the Church if the Practice of Mormon polygamy was not stopped.  The Government was going to confiscate church properties and the Holy Temples if the practice was not stopped.  Also, there was intense persecution from some sectors including many different religious groups.  In addition, Utah was not going to be allowed to become a State in the Union if the practice of Mormon polygamy was not abandoned.

In 1887, the Edmunds-Tucker Act allowed for the disincorporation of the Church and the seizure of church property. In July of the same year the US Attorney General filed suit to seize all church assets. Following the passage of the Edmunds-Tucker Act the Church found it hard to operate as a viable institution and the leadership was left to operate underground. Wilford Woodruff the Church President was determined  to obtain divine confirmation to persue a course that might end the practice of polygamy.

In issuing the Manifesto he said the choice was between continuing the practice of plural marriage, and thereby losing the sacred temples,”stopping all the ordinances therein,” or ceasing plural marriage in order to continue performing the essential ordinances for the living and the dead. Woodruff hastened to add that he had acted as the Lord directed:

I should have let all the temples go out of our hands; I should have gone to prison myself, and let every other man go there, had not the God of heaven commanded me to do what I do, and when the hour came that I was commanded to do that, it was all clear to me.

The following morning he reported to some of the general authorities he had struggled throughout the night with the Lord regarding the path to be taken and the result was the Manifesto, which was later presented  to the Latter-day Saints at General Conference  and was unaminously approved by the church membership. Not everyone in the Church complied with the new directive as some marriages were performed by some leaders in the Church after the 1890 Manifesto. In 1904 under the leadership of President Joseph F Smith a Second Manifesto was issued, with the emphatic declaration that prohibited plural marriage  and proclaimed that  offenders would be subject to church discipline and excommunication. This did not dissolve marriages that had already taken place as men were not expected to dissolve established marriages and break up families. Many Mormons, including prominent church leaders, maintained existing  plural marriages into the 1940s and 1950s. Over time, many of those who rejected the directive of the Church formed small close knit groups and continued to practice “the Principle”. Several small fndamentalist groups, seeking to continue  the practice split from the Church,  including the two larger groups, the Apostolic United Brethren (AUB) and the Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (FLDS Church). 

In spite of the objections brought about by Mormonism, the religion has flourished since its beginning.  In 190 years it has grown to a membership exceeding 15 million and has spread over the earth. Today its main success comes from the conversion of Latin Americans.  It has over 50 million missionaries that go out at their own or their parent’s expense for two to two and a half years.  Many of them learn a foreign language at a language training mission and are able to converse within 6 months or sooner.  It is probably the fastest growing Christian religion in America.

Probably the biggest missionary tool is the Book of Mormon.  Most converts testify that they received a testimony of the work while reading the Book of Mormon. The book is a second witness for Christ and along with the Bible, its mission is to bring the children of God to Christ. One cannot read the book and not be influenced by its words.  As some have said this book is either from Satan or God. One only has to read it to decide for his or her self the source of the book.  In a world where people are rejecting Christ and his message, this book is an advocate for Christ. It pertains to be a record of a people led by God from Jerusalem to the American continent about 600 years BC. They had Prophets who were inspired by God and who prophesied about the coming birth of Christ. Christ even visited these people after his crucifixion and resurrection and taught them his gospel. So the book is Christ-centered and written for people living in this day and age.

Mormon polygamy has been a controversy for almost 200 years, and religions of the world will continue to practice polygamy in spite of Christian objections. Prophets in the old testament practiced polygamy and it appears they did this with Gods approval. The Book of Jacob in the Book of Mormon condemed polygamy as adultery, but left open the proviso that “For if I will, saith the lord of Hosts, raise up seed unto me, I will command my people; otherwise, they shall harken unto these things.

The Mormons say that polygamy spurred the growth of the Church. It also provided homes for widows and children whose fathers and husbands died while pushing hand carts across the plains in the dead of winter. During this crossing many of the men were giving their food and clothing to their wives and children. The Mormon pioneers left many of their men and children burried under the snow or left on the frozen ground on the trail in Nebraska and Wyoming.  They also say that many of the leaders of the Church came from polygamous families. One pioneer lady survivor was heard to say that she would never watch a pioneer day parade on the 24th of July, because she hated the sight of handcarts. She had lost her husband and several children while crossing the plains. Others have said it was a great spiritual experience.

Today, the Church continues to excommunicate members found practicing polygamy or Plural Marriage and to distance itself from the fundamentalist groups. The Church maintains there is no relationship between the Church and the Fundamentalists or Fndamentalist Groups.



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Is there any real evidence of Elite Pedophile Sex Rings involving Government and Pop Culture? Several investigators have claimed there is a child sex trafficking ring among the Government Elite or Deep State who control our government. They say this also includes some of the top administrative officials in our government.  One writer says, as both the scandal and the crime of the century, pedophiles entrenched in power have been praying on generations of children for a long time. Up until now, the international crime cabal government led by the ruling elite has enjoyed unbroken and unchallenged power and authority in Washington. It is alleged that the Clintons, Bushes, and Obama, are involved in pedophilia. This might be speculation but there is usually no smoke without some fire. The current ruling cabal stretches back to Ronald Reagan, a figurehead idol on a pedestal, covertly securing the real globalist powerbroker into position – his VP, George H W Bush. It has been alleged that the Deep State selected George H W Bush for Vice President to go with Ronald Reagan to protect their interests. You remember that Trump promised to drain the swamp. I presume this did not go well with the Deep State. The elite rulers regularly take turns selecting the Republican or the Democrat who comes to power as they see fit to carry forth their agenda. Illegal secret deals determining who the White House puppet will be are just how the diabolical game is played.

The Elites historically prefer selecting a president with full card-carrying elitist credentials, a member of multiple inner secret clubs.  Clubs like the Council of Foreign Relations, the Trilateral Commision, the Skull and Bones Society becomes the bona fide inductee into the satanic hall of shame – the New World Order’s Illuminati. And the elite’s George H W Bush had every credential covered as a lifetime secret society member. 

The Bush-Clinton-Obama dynasty has faithfully followed the elite’s marching orders, nearly destroying America as a sovereign nation, killing off its once vibrant middle class, crumbling its infrastructure, decimating its manufacturing and tax bases with offshore cheap labor outsourcing.  Establishing a permanent wartime economy, within a few decades this same satanic worshipping dynasty has transformed the US from the world’s largest creditor nation into the world’s largest debtor nation, currently drowning at a 20 trillion deficit plus.

One of the reasons there are so many big shots in both parties that want rid of Trump is because they are worried that in draining or cleaning the swamp they will be investigated. An interesting note is that Russian President Putin is aware of the Elite and their penchant for pedophilia. In his 2016 Christmas speech, he talks about the loss of morals and Christian values in the US and the West. The Press fails to give Putin credit for his knowledge of the Elites penchant for pedophilia among our ruling class. Putin also says Russia is a defender of Christian values. Yes, Putin is a baptized Christian and has helped to restore the Russian Christian Church. At least he is not afraid to stand up for Christian values and the Church, whereas in the West we are reluctant to stand up for Christian values. The reason Washington and the press demonize Putin is that with such a huge [700 billion] military budget it is necessary to have a big enemy, preferably one with nuclear weapons, to justify our wars and military buildup and to sell our war economy to the US public.

It’s quite clear that there is some evidence of pedophilia and sex rings within the US government and pop culture, but whether these networks are all linked remains a mystery. The thing to remember is because there are many who claim to know victims or are victims it warrants further study or investigation. Ultimately, it is up to you the reader to verify this information and find where the truth lies. With the allegations of pedophilia and sex rings among the elite in our government, we definitely need to know the answer to remove them and find protection for our children.

My purpose in writing this article was not to expose this group but to open the eyes of others so they could check out these allegations for themselves. Do we as citizens have any control over the actions pursued by our government? Do we have any choice or do we follow blindly? 

      Blunders made by Washington in the 21st Century

1- Ongoing 17-year war in Afghanistan.

2- We invaded countries that are no threat and have done us no harm. The 9-11 terrorists came from Saudi Arabia. Also, Iraq had no WMD’s and Bush was aware of that. Have we gained anything from these wars besides an additional 6 trillion dollars deficit? We have invaded the following countries.

a- Afghanistan

b- Iraq

c- Libya

d- Syria

e- Yemen

f- Somalia

3- Bush, Cheney, Blair and the CIA fabricated a report showing Sadamn having WMD’S and being involved in 9/11 to warrant an invasion.

4- We have a military and defense budget of 700 billion, which is more than the next 10 countries combined. Russia’s budget is only 69 billion and China’s is 130 billion. Half of this budget should be more than sufficient for our needs. The balance could be used to build the wall. We also have over 800 military bases in over 130 countries.

5- We are sacrificing our infrastructure and the health and welfare of our people to maintain our wars.

6- We are pushing for war with Iran and are threatening Russia and China with military bases and missiles surrounding their countries.

7- The Deep State stops Trump from making friends with Putin. Washington prefers war to negotiation or talking with supposed enemies.

8- We are responsible for over 500 thousand deaths and hundreds of thousands of displaced refugees in the Middle East.

THINK ABOUT THIS – Has Iran, Russia, China or N Korea invaded any countries? Compare this to the number of countries we have invaded. Countries that have done us no harm. There is no proof Russia invaded the Ukraine or Crimea. Crimea voted to be part of Russia rather than under the control of NATO. Crimea had been part of Russia since Catherine the Great until Khrushchev gave Crimea to Ukraine in the 1950s. Also, is there any proof that Assad gassed his own people? What would motivate him to do that when we announced only a few days earlier we were probably going to pull our troops out of Syria? Would he also want to inflame the rest of the world with his actions? Why are all the witnesses, White Hats or Rebels consisting of Isis and AlQueda? What would their motive be other than to keep the US in Syria pursuing Assad, particularly since they are losing? The Rebels had possession of sarin gas which was found on them by Turkish Troops. Why does Washington consider this a slam dunk when most other countries do not? Even the UN  denies seeing any evidence showing Assad as being responsible. Why are we so quick to make a judgment? Prosecuting attornies consider whether there is any motive before finding guilt. 


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More than a million migrants and refugees crossed into Europe in 2015, compared with just 280,000 the year before. Among the forces driving people to make the dangerous journey are the conflicts in Syria, Iraq, and Afghanistan resulting in a Muslim polygamists Europe migration into many areas undocumented.

With the US and its allies invasion of Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya and now Syria, many civilians are becoming displaced, losing family members and their homes due to the bombings and other wartime activities. Many of those displaced have immigrated to Europe or are planning to immigrate to European countries. With the Muslim polygamists Europe migration brings immigrants then, will come terrorists and others who plan on disrupting the Europeans way of life.  Some of these actions will be for revenge for the damage done to their countries. Along with these immigrants will be many polygamists, men with 3 or 4 wives. It is estimated that 30% of the married men are polygamists. Polygamy in itself will cause many problems for the European Countries. Other problems of the Muslim Polygamists Europe migration will be caused by the practice of sharia law and the Muslims distaste for mixing with the local inhabitants. Many Muslims also have a distaste for Christianity.

Throughout Europe today, it is not uncommon to see women wearing headscarves or burkahs and men with skullcaps and beards. On many European streets, you will see shops with business signs in Arabic and other Near Eastern languages. You will see people selling exotic looking products from the Middle East and other Muslim countries. Indeed in the space of a few years, whole neighborhoods in cities like Birmingham, Rotterdam & Paris have been transformed. Streets that for years of European history are now playing host to non-Western people and culture. This is the new Europe, one which a rapidly growing Muslim population is making its presence known. Muslims are still minorities in Western and Central European countries, making up approximately 5% of the European population.

Islam is already the fastest growing religion in Europe. Because of immigration and high birth rates, the number of Muslims on the continent has tripled over the past 30 years. Many forecasters predict a higher rate of growth in the coming years. The social impact of this growing population is magnified by a low birthrate among the natives. After a post-World War 11 baby boom, birthrates in Europe have dropped to an average of 1.45 children per couple, far below the 2.1 needed to keep the population growth at replacement levels.

Among these demographic shifts lies a bundle of social challenges. While many have become successful in their new homes and speak the local language, many others do not speak the local language and are poor and often jobless. Moreover, segregation,  by choice or necessity, is common, with large numbers of Muslims living in ghettos where the crime and poverty rates are high.

Polygamy is also a problem as most European countries do not permit polygamy. The Muslims marry the first wife and then have an Eman perform non-recognized marriages for the following wives. This makes it difficult for the women as they are not recognized as being married, so they receive no support from the local authorities. This leaves them at the mercy of their husbands. Polygamy has its own problems with child abuse and the forced marriages of young girls to older men.

It is predicted by many statisticians that the Muslim population will double by the year 2050. The biggest problem conceived by some is how to integrate the Muslim population with the locals.



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Child brides in Islam
MUSLIM POLYGAMY Girls married to men



by Ray Western

Muslim Polygamy and problems that have come to the European nations due to immigration. What problems do you ask? With the US and it’s allied invasion of middle east countries, namely Iraq, Syria, Libya and Afghanistan it has created displacement and left many families homeless with no protection from the warring elements. Many families have lost loved ones and providers due to the bombs being dropped and attacks from ISIS. It is curious that the US is fighting Syrian troops and trying to remove Assad as well as fighting the rebels. ISIS is part of the rebels fighting the Syrian troops but is also being supported and used by the US to fight Assad and the Syrians. Russia and Iran were invited in by the Syrian Government to help them in their fight against the rebels. The US used ISIS as a reason to invade Syria after the majority of their fighters left Iraq and entered Syria. Under the direction of Hillary Clinton and President Obama the US and it’s allied nations also invaded Libya and killed President Gadaffi leaving Libya without a leader and open to ISIS to move in and control part of that country. 

With the displacement and upheaval caused by the wars, many decided to leave these countries for neighboring countries that were not involved in the wars. Europe with countries having welfare plans and a better standard of living than the Muslim countries became a target for many refugees and ideal environment for Muslim polygamy to enter without resistance. I don’t question the fact that there were terrorists also among the European migrants. People seeing their friends and family members killed by US and European bombs could easily be persuaded to join the migrants and become terrorists, hoping to extract revenge on those who had invaded their countries. Also, religion played a part in the migration as there were or are Muslims who would like to defeat Christianity or eradicate it. Does this give western countries the right to invade these Muslim countries that are really no threat to the US and its allies? Also, have we gained anything by these invasions other than a huge deficit that could have been used to rebuild our infrastructure? Do we really need a military and defense budget that is bigger than the next 10 countries combined? 

Other problems created by Islamic migrants were as follows:     

1- The Muslims did not assimilate and join in with the customs of their new countries. They banded together and formed their own communities shaped by Sharia law.   Muslim polygamy is part of the culture as they segregate communities away from countries they immigrate to.                                                                                                                                                                             

2- MUSLIM POLYGAMY was brought into the European countries as nearly 30% of the married men had more than one wife. Some had 3 or 4 wives and several or many children. Some of these Muslim polygamy wives were child brides. Girls that were sold into slavery or forced into marriage by their parents as payment for some favor or for money. The Muslim countries do not have a good record when it comes to dealing with women or girls. They are usually regarded as second-class citizens. As far as child abuse the Muslims certainly have more than their share and forced Muslim Polygamy on children is just one of many abuses that exist in the culture.

The sheer volume of Muslim polygamy marriages shows that such marriages are also entered into in Europe, in secret through Islamic marriage ceremonies conducted by Imans. In most European countries Imans are not required to report these marriages to the authorities and the Muslim Polygamy child brides are raped by their husband and some even bleed to death after the rape.  Some of the Muslim Polygamy child brides are as young as 5 and 6.  

Sweden proposed to legalize polygamy which would have validated Muslim Polygamy legal status but this outraged citizens and the proposal was dropped. The head of the Center Youth said that in 10 years polygamy would be legal when her generation would enter parliament and make sure of it. The youth in Denmark have advocated the same regarding polygamy. Polygamy is illegal in most European countries, but this practice has been allowed to flourish unhindered. As Islamic Muslim polygamy marriage does not legally exist in Europe, the woman entering into marriage is left legally stranded and vulnerable with no means of getting out of marriage. If the woman goes to the police she runs the risk of being beaten or possibly divorced. Women’s shelters are full of Muslim women who have been abused, raped, and little girls with permanent scars from Muslim Polygamy.

In the UK it is illegal to marry more than one person, but marriages made in countries that allow polygamy are recognized. There are no exact figures but it is estimated that there are 20 thousand polygamous marriages. Currently, a husband and first wife are paid 114 lbs a week. Subsequent wives are paid 40 lbs a week. That should be incentive for a man to have more than one wife. Under the new universal credit system, which goes into effect in 2021, polygamous marriages will not be recognized. This means that the husband and first wife will be able to claim 498 lbs a month and subsequent wives can claim a single person’s allowance of 317 lbs. That should make polygamous men happy.

In the next blog, I will talk about Sharia law and religion along with the effects of Muslim polygamy and child abuse in the European countries.




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Would you recognize the signs of child sexual molestation? Being primarily a polygamy site child sexual molestation and abuse is more common among them, because of the quest for child brides. But it also goes on outside of polygamy and this article applies to both groups, children in polygamy and children not born in polygamy. In polygamous colonies there is a lack of marriageable women because men have more than one wife. Therefore to have any additional wives men look to young girls, some as young as 12 years. They also expel older boys from their communities to reduce the competition for the young girls. I consider sexual relations between young girls and men as sexual abuse as it robs girls of their formative years and their agency of choice. The signs of child sexual molestation may be more obvious in a polygamous group because it is open season for pursuing young girls for marriage. 

What are the signs that children are being sexually abused and molested sexually? I wrote an earlier blog on grooming children for sexual molestation which can be viewed in addition to this article. Click here.  

Reviewing the internet I noted the following signs that might indicate that a child is being sexually molested.

  • Acting out in an inappropriate sexual way with toys or objects
  • Nightmares, sleeping problems
  • Becoming withdrawn or very clingy
  • Becoming unusually secretive
  • Sudden unexplained personality changes, mood swings and seeming insecure
  • Regressing to younger behaviours, e.g. bedwetting
  • Unaccountable fear of particular places or people
  • Outburst of anger
  • Changes in eating habits
  • New adult words for body parts and no obvious source
  • Talk of a new, older friend and unexplained money or gifts
  • Self-harm (cutting, burning or other harmful activities)
  • Physical signs, such as, unexplained soreness or bruises around genitals or mouth, sexually transmitted diseases, pregnancy
  • Running away
  • Not wanting to be alone with a particular child or young person    

Child abuse or neglect are never a child’s fault. When it comes to the perpetrator, it could be a close relative such as step father, uncle or even a grandfather. It could be a neighbor or an older friend of the child or even a best friend of the parent. Someone that is over affectionate with the child, maybe a school teacher or even a scoutmaster. One must be observant of those who associate with your child. Get to know those who do spend time with your child, and question anything that might seem unusual or abnormal. In my article on grooming, one of the best friends of the father abducted the 12 year old daughter and hid out in Mexico for three months before being found. This friend was even a leader in his church. Be suspicious of any adult that spends abnormal time with your child and is abnormally affectionate or interested in your child.  

Attached is an article found on the internet that helps one to recognize a would be child molester. Click here.

To learn more about polygamy, polygamous groups and child abuse read the authors best selling and award winning book, ‘THE POWER OF POLYGAMY’, which can be purchased or previewed on Amazon. Click here.




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Bush fabricated lie of WMDs



Have you ever wondered about the following questions?

1- Why the US has a 20 Trillion dollar deficit not to include money we owe to ourselves, which exceeds over 100 trillion dollars? Five trillion spent on the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and nothing to show for it, except over one million dead Iraqi civilians and millions of refugees.

2- Why we are continually involved in foreign wars with countries that are no threat to our security?

3- Why we have a 600 billion dollar plus defense budget that exceeds the combined total of the next 10 nations, and why we want to increase this budget by 10%? [Russia’s budget is only 66 billion. We spend 9 dollars for every 1 dollar that Russia spends.]

4- Why we criticize Russia for allegedly invading the Ukraine and Crimea which have been part of Russia for most of the past 200 years, when there is no evidence of any invasion, and yet we fail to mention that we sent troops half way around the world to invade Iraq, based on the fabricated report of WMDs. We are responsible for over a million Iraqi deaths, mostly women and children and millions of refugees fleeing Iraq and Syria. [Isn’t this like the pot calling the kettle black?]

5- Why President Eisenhower warned us to be aware of the military industrial complex? Do you need enemy’s to warrant having a huge defense budget and a large military? Who profits from wars?

6- Why we are at war with Isis but yet we are supporting Isis with weapons and ammunition in Syria and why we rejected Putins offer to join Russia in the fight against Isis.

7- Why we have military bases in over 150 countries, and over 700 world wide.

If these questions do not concern you, then read no further. If you are concerned and wonder why you can find little information on the above questions in the US media and press, then go to the Alternate Press on the internet. These sites are not controlled by Government sources.

1- Paul Craig Roberts .org [Former top Aid to Reagan and co-author of Reaganomics]





6- Patrick Buchanan {]

7- Col. Lawrence Wilkerson  [Top military adviser to Reagan & Chief of Staff for Powell]

8- Colin Powell  [Former Sec. of State under Bush]

9- Tony Blair [former UK Prime Minister)


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Americans are fixated these days on polygamy, especially the men. What are the problems with polygamy. In polygamous colonies, men who are wealthy and have power tend to have more wives than the younger men. They also tend to be older and sometimes much older. Women and children are considered as property to the males and are considered as farmhands and house keepers, because of this they usually lack education. Women are usually thought of as the primary victims of polygamous marriages, but the practice also causes problems for the young, low status males denied wives by older , wealthy men who have hoarded all of the women. In a polygamous colony the older men oft times will expel the younger men from the colony to reduce the competition for the young girls. When the boys start to become interested in girls many are expelled from the colony with little or no experience in the outside world and they are poorly suited to care for themselves or find meaningful work. They also are not much of a catch for women or girls in the outside world. Because of their lack of schooling and inexperience, many become prostitutes and become involved with drugs. They often steal to support their drug habits and they turn to rape to satisfy their sexual desires. When there is a shortage of women in a community especially when there are fewer marriageable women and girls for a single guy, it is easier for a boy to become involved in criminal activities. This creates problems for  the boys and society.

Monogamous marriages reduce crime. Polygamous societies create large numbers of unmarried men, whose presence is related to increased rates of rape, theft, murder, and substance abuse. The problem with unmarried men appears to come primarily from their lack of investment in family life and children. Young men without futures tend to engage in riskier behaviors because they have less to lose.

It is believed that polygamy is more about power than sex for the men and the sister wives who practice polygamy. Rich old men with lots of wives win twice. They have more wives to give them children and to do household work. They also gain an advantage over other men. This is because in such societies a young man wanting a wife cannot simply woo her as there is too much competition. He probably has little to offer, so he winds up having to work for a more powerful and wealthier man, and hoping someday of being rewarded with one of the man’s many daughters.

The young girls usually end up as sister wives to older women in a polygamous marriage. Because there are never enough women to go around, they wind up being married off at a young age. Some are forced into marriage as young as 12. They are given to the older males in the colony usually without them having any choice in the matter. Those who are children of a divorced woman may end up as young brides to their stepfathers. There is an approximate age difference of 16 years between the males and females in a polygamous marriage. Young girls who marry before age 18 have greater risk of becoming victims of intimate partner violence than those who marry at an older age. Also girls become pregnant at an early age and this increases the risk of dying due to their age. Girls in polygamy usually lack schooling and have not experienced the normal growth patterns of teenage girls. They also do not have much control over their own lives as they are ruled by the first wife or the older wives in the family. Brothers and fathers, realizing how valuable female relations are tend to control them more. As one might suspect , polygamous households foster jealousy and conflict among co-wives. Studies reveal that there is no case where co-wife relations could be described as harmonious. These are just some of the problems with polygamy, in their homes and societies.

In summary, considering the problems with polygamy, it does appear that monogamous marriages work better than polygamous marriages, even with the high divorce rate. Should you have differing opinions I would like to hear from you.


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Girls Islam
Gils married to men

What about sexual abuse of girls Islam and other abuses of women?  Child marriage ruins the childhood and ordinary life experiences for many young girls islam. Many of these “brides” are still children, not even teenagers yet. Child brides don’t have access to education, have restricted relationships with friends and family, and this practice adds to the vicious cycle of poverty. Child brides are also subject to extreme domestic and sexual abuse, causing physical harm and dangerous pregnancies. Life’s choices are taken from them. The men they marry and the relatives of the husband make most of the choices for them. They become brood mares and are there to fulfill the sexual desires of their husbands. Many of these girls are married to polygamists and share a husband with other wives and are married to older or old men. 

Because there is much abuse to women in some Muslim countries I am devoting this blog to cover the abuses of girls in Islam and woman unable to protect young girls. A little history first; In Islam, men are often permitted to marry multiple women or any age. This is due to the life of the Prophet Mohammed, who is said to have had 4 wives. This is supposedly the maximum number of wives permitted and men should be able to show they can support this number of wives or even little girls in Islam. Mohammed is said to have married one wife when she was nine. He did not consummate the marriage until she was twelve. Another report said the girl was six and the marriage consummated at nine. Because of Mohammed, most Muslim countries set the age of consent at twelve, while in Yemen girls of age 9 may be married with consent of the parents. It would be fair to say that in most Muslim schools women are regarded as being under a kind of guardianship or custody, first the fathers and then of their husbands. This defines most of the aspects of how men and women relate to each other.

It is said that only 10 to 15% of the men in Muslin countries have more than one wife. This is because most men cannot afford to have more than one wife, even though they would prefer to have more wives. Polygamy is practiced because there are more women than men due to wars and women living longer than men. This helps to take care of the surplus  of women and keep them off the street. In monogamous countries it is considered a crime to have more than one wife, but it is okay to have mistresses. There are different positions on beating women in Islam. Some say that the Koran says, “Beat them meaning their wives?” The interpretation today is that regardless of the various positions and opinions, there is no permission established through the teachings in the Koran that it is okay to beat another person.

In the name of Islam, women are being abused and even mutilated. In Saudi Arabia women are not allowed to drive, to marry whom they want or to travel without written permission from a male guardian. In some countries female genital mutilation is allowed and in some countries “honor killings,” is allowed where a father kills a wife or daughter when it is believed that they dishonored the family. FGM is practiced in more than 30 countries. In Pakistan stoning to death is allowed and a woman is not allowed to testify on her own behalf as an accused woman.  If a woman is raped she can be punished and she cannot defend herself.

In the search for identity, it is said that Islamic fundamentalism is a political movement, and not a religious movement. The issue is not Islam , but extreme fundamentalism, which uses Islam as a billy club. My thoughts are why don’t the good Muslims stand up against extremism? And I am told that they are afraid of being punished or killed by the extremists.

Muslim male extremists in western counties have been sexually enslaving children primarily Christian girls and girls Islam. In Rotherham, England a Muslim run sex ring was found responsible for the predation of 1400 young girls as young as eleven. They were plied with drugs before being passed around and sexually abused in cabs and kabob shops. This is said to be going on globally from girls Islam. The question begs an answer, if Muslim minorities have no fear of exploiting infidel women and children in western countries, how do they treat non-Muslim minorities, Christian woman and children in Muslim countries. This is in addition to buying young Muslim girls as wives or slaves to be passed around. Extremists consider non-Muslim women and children as the spoils of war. They have the right to take them as sex slaves.

In my next blog I will discuss the treatment of young girls Muslim and non-Muslim in the Muslim world. If you would like to see how young girls are treated in the Polygamist colonies in America and about Child Brides read the authors award winning book, “The power of Polygamy.”  Click on Power of Polygamy to buy on Kindle or to preview the book.




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Bush fabricated lie of WMDs


The Project for the new American century, had drafted a blueprint for regime change in Iraq as early as Sept, 2000. The fundamental goal was to secure access to Iraq’s oil reserves and remove Saddam. Read the following report from

[]  click here to read the report. Colin Powell and Prime Minister Tony Blair confirmed that the report Powell gave to the UN and Congress was based on fabricated lies of WMDs and Iraqs involvement with 9/11. See their web sites under their names.

Another report on 7/15/2016 on the Iraq Invasion speaks of the Anniversary of the Biggest Terrorist Attack in Modern History regarding the illegal invasion and destruction – ongoing – of Iraq.    []   click here for the read.

The blowback or consequences from the invasion follow.

1- Over 500,000 civilians including woman and children are dead as a result of the invasion. Some reports say it is closer to a million. US Servicemen killed 4,500 and many wounded and maimed. Was it worth the loss of lives? Don’t forget the damages to the infrastructure, buildings and homes in Iraq. 

 2- When Obama pulled our troops out in 2012 after declaring victory, ISIS started and moved into the vacant areas of Iraq and joined with the rebels and Al Qaeda in Syria in fighting the Syrian Government and Assad. We have been supplying arms to ISIS in Syria and helping them in their fight against the Syrian Government and Russia.

3-  We bombed Libya and killed Gaddafi leaving areas of Libya open for ISIS. This was orchestrated by Obama and Hillary. Libya was the most advanced State in the African Muslim world and Gaddafi had done nothing in recent history to warrant the attack. We destroyed much of Libya with our bombs.  

4- We have been bombing areas of Syria allegedly to fight ISIS when in reality we have been supporting ISIS and Al Qaeda. We claim that Assad gassed his own people and that he needs to be removed. Others say that the Turks found the same gas allegedly used by Assad on the rebels, who said that Assad did it. We have demonized Putin for helping Assad and for the civilian deaths in Aleppo as a result of Russia’s attempts to fight ISIS. At the same time we talk about the mote in Russia’s eye for the civilian deaths in Aleppo, we fail to talk about the beam in our own eye as a result of our invasion of Iraq and the many civilian deaths, not to mention the civilian deaths from our bombs in Syria. Our bombs and Russia’s bombs have destroyed much of Syria’s buildings and infrastructure and have caused much damage to Aleppo, Syria’s largest city.

5- Due to our destabilizing the Middle East there are hundreds of thousands of civilian refugees fleeing the war torn areas into surrounding countries and into Europe. Some have even fled to the US, although Trump has put a stop to the refugees from some of the Muslim countries.  

These are some of the consequences or blowback from our invasion of Iraq. In war, the cost in civilian lives is incalculable. Then there is the cost to the environment and human potential. Scientists plan even more horrific weapons, which in modern war kill more civilians than combatants.

For example, one report said the US and UK committed genocide against the Iraqi people when, between 1990 and 2012, they killed 3.3 million people – including 750,000 children – through sanctions and wars. There has to be a better way.




Beware Military Industrial Complex

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Beware Child
child in war torn Aleppo


BEWARE if you want to know what is going on behind Government doors you must watch this video. It is about our propensity to go into wars that do not involve our National Security and also why a military buildup. Even though we spend more money for the military and defense than the next 8 countries combined our Government is always asking for more money for the defense budget. WHY?  

THE SHIP IS SINKING says Colonel Lawrence Wilkerson formerly a top military adviser to Ronald Reagan and the Chief of Staff for Colin Powell.  Watch this video! It is a must.[]   

You should also read- []