WOMEN POLYGAMY SEXA MAN simply cannot tolerate someone else having conjugal relationships with his wife. In the case of women polygamy sex, the jealousy of a woman is curbed by the leadership of her husband.

“The jealousy of a woman is curbed by the leadership of her husband”.  Really??? How did the mere presence of a husband or leadership curb jealousy in women polygamy sex and the family? Has anyone asked any women about polygamy sex? Any single women? Because this logic defies natural human behavior.  It isn’t “the leadership of her husband in women polygamy sex” that makes a woman try to survive polygamy. Nor is it her love for her husband in any polygamy sex.  Is it just easier to avoid conflict and live in submission due to most having a lack of education and survival skills in the real world? When women fight, they pull each other’s hair. When men fight, they go to war.  So it would be safer for women polygamy sex to live in the least violent conditions “physically” of the two if one must find justification for the life of women polygamy sex in the world today.

One conclusion:

Religion and power to create pleasures and gratification for men who have the power of polygamy on their side when it relates to the world of polygamy today.

Women polygamy sex truly twisted and kinky in the name of religions, power and procreation for the bent minds of today.

What will a woman in such a relationship do when she is pregnant and knows her husband is sleeping with her 13 year old daughter? How will the child’s lineage stay secure? Consider the emotions, jealousy, etc. she will have to undergo from the other wives.

Women polygamy sex and the new days of control over the women that men enjoy for pleasure and service.